About GetSorted

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Have you ever dreamed of...

Gracing the cover of your favourite lifestyle magazine? We offer you a complete range of interchangeable products that will transform your home interior into an organised and stylish modern abode such as those in your favourite lifestyle magazine.

Be the envy of all your guests when they witness your new home life free of the unsightly objects you had never been able to find a place for.

Whether small or large, living or bedroom, GetSorted gives you a wide range of storage furniture and accessories that provide you the freedom to pick and choose a combination of products to suit your individual needs and style.

What makes us so special?

Not only have our designers considered the products assembly as an integral feature in the pursuit of your lifestyle magazine cover dream, but there are also a considerable amount of underlying ‘hidden’ features that make this product range a complete storage solution.

Love more space and free time?

The GetSorted range of Home Storage will also create more time and space in your busy lifestyle.

No more hastily searching for that skirt or blouse in an over-crowded drawer or closet. GetSorted’s product range composes all of your garments in a space efficient manner with easy access to garments and employing economy of space. Our designers have developed added features within the products design, such as high back drawers to stop items falling behind, and full extension drawers for easy access.

What about nails?

Does the thought of hammering a nail or breaking one threaten you? No quality piece of furniture should have the customer using a hammer and nails. GetSorted’s variety of product options, are all specifically designed for simple and straightforward construction.

Whether you are; constructing a cabinet, a set of shelves, or a tower, no nails will be sacrificed in the assembly of our product range. Multiple products in the range such as the set of shoe shelves, wire baskets, or the canvas drawers even come fully assembled. We have created an extremely user-friendly system of assembly that will have you patting yourself on the back, and putting the kettle on in no time.

The case of the not so fresh LBD (Little Black Dress)

Have you ever had a special event coming up, knowing that you had that perfect suit or evening dress in the back of the closet, only to pull it out and go ‘Eugh’ on discovering a musty smelling garment that needs to be re-washed?

GetSorted has solved the problem of having to re-wash clothing that has been in the closet to long with an innovative ventilation design that allows moisture to evaporate, keeping your garments fresh.

Mix, Match and Stack

Customise your storage with the new GetSorted range. Our products are specifically designed to interchange seamlessly.

You can buy whatever suits your needs now, with the knowledge that you are able to build up or shift the products around as your space or cheque-book allow. The product range includes organisers and towers that can accommodate the product accessories, such as drawers, shelves, and hanging rods.

Our designers have ensured you can have the maximum storage flexibility with the minimum number of combinations, with no fuss. There are a variety of product accessories in the range that provide practical solutions to the problem of storing all those difficult items such as belts and handbags. Correct storage of these items will also prolong their life, saving you time and money in the future.

Quality Craftsmanship

The GetSorted design team have created a high quality product range with all of your needs in mind, from adjustable feet, to shelves that lock into place. Another important feature to consider has been the strength and stability of the range.

Each Base Tower or Base Cabinet component has reinforcing brackets incorporated to ensure this. The range has been fully tested to ensure you are purchasing a highly stable, quality product.

Environmentally Aware

An important feature of the Get Sorted range is the use of E-Zero rated particle board for all cabinets. The health and safety of the consumer is our priority, therefore we have sourced timber panels with the lowest possible VOC board available.

The perfect home life is not only about a stylish modern interior, but also means this product is safer for you and your home and the things you place into storage.


The practical composition of the GetSorted product range will convert even the messiest member of the family’s living space. So convenient to use the floor will no longer be option number one for discarded garments. Transform your home’s space for more room to do all those things that the family loves to do.