FAQ - Product Features

Do I have to use one of the combinations shown?

No, but we hope you find our suggestions helpful. We have made a number of suggestions that we think look good, but the beauty of a modular system is that you can have limitless combinations.

Why do cabinets have vents?

One aspect our design research made clear was that customers didn’t want stale musty clothes, so fresh airflow ventilation has been designed into the system.

Why does the shallow BA3 drawer not have a ventilated metal base?

This drawer is designed for small items such as jewelry so ventilation was not an issue but security was.

How do I use the adjustable hanging rods in the kits?

These can either be used on both sides of a tower for full length hanging or both on one side of the tower, one above another for two 900mm falls.

Do I have to put shelves under the wire baskets?

No, as they are installed with mounting runners. The advantage of a shelf, however, is that if small things drop out they will not drop into the basket below.

Can I put drawers into a tower or cabinet?

Yes – if using a tower, the base shelf should be put at the base and the top shelf left out.

Do I need towers or cabinets?

Towers must be wall mounted and are designed to be used for wardrobes. Cabinets have backs in place for independent stability. Tower and cabinet dimensions are the same width and depth.

Is the white range a warm white or cool white?

The white colour is a slight warm white

Is there a price difference between maple and white?

No as they are both made from the same high quality durable laminated foil panel

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